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100% of donations go directly to supporting and building

orphanages, schools and hospitals in East Africa

We all can help a difference in the world. Our My Road to Kenya website is focused on shedding light on the unsung heroes, who make a difference in Kenya, as well as worthy causes and people in need in one of the most beautiful and deserving countries in all of Africa.

The links below will put you in touch with some of the people and organizations who are dedicated to helping orphaned children, schools, hospitals, and communities such as; Holy Family Orphanage, The Catholic Diocese of Nakuru Mission, Inc., and Jack O'leary and Father Stephen.

Holy Family Orphanage

Currently, Holy Family Orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya is trying to build a new kitchen and laundry facility while purchasing a small plot of land to build on to the orphanage. If you can help, follow this link to print out our Donation Card which will enable you to donate and receive tax deductible certification for your contribution. Please fill out the Donation Card and mail it, with your donation, to the address on the card.

Catholic Diocese of Nakuru (CDN)

CDN Mission goals include feeding 5000 school-going children, providing safe water, and promoting hygiene and sanitation for an estimated 50,000 people affected by the recent drought. To learn more about their efforts, you are invited to read an article on these efforts titled, "A Cup of Water" on the My Road to Kenya Blog You can also contact, the CDN program manager, Fr. Cleophas Tuka in Syracuse, N.Y. directly at (315) 697-8795

Jack O'Leary and Father Stephen and their supporters and friends are ever dedicated to preparing grants, assessing programs and determining needs. Jack is still working on healthcare projects and Father Stephen, our program manager, is building new schools in Nakuru, Kenya which is the fastest growing city in Africa.

Father Stephen hopes to be able to place orphans into boarding schools with children who have families. During the holidays, his goal is to place orphaned children with local families to learn about family life in preparation for life outside of the school setting. Get in touch with Jack via email at:


"Harambee", We are all working together to Make a difference.

" Asante" Thank you for your support



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