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Completed Projects

1. Instituted St. John Fisher Scholarships
Established a scholarship to educate Kenyan priests in the United States and to expose them to a working democracy. The goal was to educate and empower priests with leadership capabilities to make a difference in Kenya when they returned. As a result of the generosity of St. John Fisher College, Their influence has spread over much of Eastern Africa. Six of the graduates have become bishops.

2. Completed School Book Projects
The initial project sent several pallets of books collected and organized by Mary Clare Lyons and her daughters. Initially over 5000 textbooks were collected, sorted by class, grade level and subject, and sent to Kenyan schools.

3. Nakuru: Built a Small Church for Father Stephen
Father Steven Mbugua attended St. John Fisher College and R.I.T in the 1990s. The church that he grew up in as a child in Bahati, Kenya was a dilapidated, mud-walled, thatched-roof structure. Despite its crumbling structure, members still went to Mass there. We built a new church to replace it in 1999.

4. Bahati: Converted an English Farmhouse into St. Johnís Cottage Hospital
An old one-story English farm home of about 10,000 sq. ft. was given to Father Stephenís parish on condition that he could convert it into a hospital to support the community. We financed the conversion; and after it was completed, a 40 foot container of medical equipment to fully equip the hospital. It included a birthing center, an operating room, and a ward for women and children. Recent statistics showed that the child mortality rate in the area decreased 80% since the hospital was built. These results were achieved primarily because of the sterile birthing center facilities, and the decrease of deaths was due to procedures for treating simple infections and dysentery.

5. Equipped Tea Plantation Owned by Archdiocese of Nairobi
A tractor and irrigation equipment was furnished to revitalize a tea plantation owned by the Diocese of Nairobi. The project was planned and managed by Archbishop Rapheal Ndgni , a St. John Fisher Graduate. The plantation currently employs 150 people and has expanded to include a dairy farm and vegetable fields, which furnish food for the local community. The surplus products are sold to the finest restaurants in Nairobi. This supplies the Diocese with much-needed funds for other projects.

6. Boguma: Expanded a Hospital Run by the Little Sisters of St. Francis in Boguma, Kenya
After the hospital was finished, we sent two containers of medical equipment to fully equip the hospital.

7. Rebuilt St. Paulís Hospital in Homa Bay, Kenya
St. Paulís Hospital was built in Homa Bay. The hospital staff primarily cares for women and children who suffer from HIV and AIDS. It is estimated that fifty percent of the population in this area of Homa Bay are HIV positive or suffer from AIDS. Again, a container of medical equipment was sent to furnish the hospital.

8. Industrial Chicken Coop
An industrial chicken coop was built for the Sisters of Saint Francis Novitiate. The eggs and milk help feed 60 Novices who live there, and they sell the surplus for cash to support the Novitiate.

9. Egerton University Multi-purpose Building
A multi-purpose building was constructed next to the university to house a kindergarten, small clinic, and a Neuman Center for students.

10. Hospital Revitalizations: Reequip Approximately 20 Hospitals.
About 20 hospitals were reequipped and updated with needed supplies and equipment. First professionals ascertained what equipment the hospitals required. Volunteers like Dr. Susan Crawford and Nurse Sarah Brewin played key roles in completing needs analyses and inspecting the facilities prior to shipping containers of equipment.

The equipment was shipped as complete rooms, which included operating rooms, dental departments, libraries, birthing centers, waiting rooms, etc. In total, over sixty different departments were shipped. A not-for-profit organization in North Andover, Massachusetts named International Medical Equipment Cooperative (I.M.E.C.) collects and refurbishes used medical equipment. We purchased 20 containers from them and sent them to 20 hospitals in Kenya. The organization was founded and managed by Tom Keefe.

11. Established Distribution Warehouse to Provide Consumable Medical Supplies
A warehouse outside of Nairobi, Kenya was leased. Each month a container of consumable medical supplies was sent to the warehouse. Most of the containers were purchased in Rochester, N.Y. from an organization named Intervol, which is owned and managed by Dr. Ralph Penino. Various hospitals and clinics in Kenya could then place orders at the warehouse via the Internet and then pick them up at no charge. In all 80 hospitals and health care facilities were supplied through the warehouse.

12. Orphanage for Handicapped Children
A home for handicapped children was built to house 100 children. The home is dedicated to Sarah Ryan, deceased daughter-in-law of Jim Ryan Sr. and wife of Jim Ryan Jr. Separate buildings were built to house a kitchen and a laundry. During the recent political unrest, the site became a refuge for over a thousand people who fled to the site of the orphanage. Tents, fences, blankets, food, and other essentials were purchased to supply them for a period of about 14 months until it was safe to return home. The home was funded by the Ryan family, the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation of Rochester, N.Y., John Anderson and Jack O'Leary.

13. St. John the Baptist Church Is Constructed
The Church is large enough to accommodate 2000 parishioners at a time, is dedicated to the former President of St. John Fisher College, Katherine Kehoe.

14. Williamsburg, Virginia: Helped Finance Two Homes for Handicapped Adults
The facilities are managed by Sister Agnes, a Little Sister of St. Francis, from Uganda. Her order lives western border of Kenya. Any excess profits from her business ventures are sent to sisters to support the work of their mission.

15. Nurses from St. John Fisher College Volunteer at Hospitals in Kenya
For more information on Wegmans School of Nursingís program in Kenya, contact Dr. Nancy Wilk and Dr. Marilyn Dollinger at St. John Fisher College. The nurses volunteer in Kenya and visit some of the hospitals and clinics that we supplied or built. They provide screenings and basic medical support to women, children and others in need of healthcare or assistance

16. Orphanages for Children of Kenya
Homes for orphaned children architectural plans completed. Fundraising efforts underway 2011.

Map Of Completed Projects
Children's Home Architectural Plans
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